STAN GROUP optimises businesses with new strategy

New business model paves way for diversified development

December 14, 2015

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(14 December 2015, Hong Kong) Stan Group (Holdings) Limited (“STAN GROUP”) is proud to announce the unveiling of its revamped corporate identity. This comes as the group embarks upon substantial expansion plans and the optimisation of its business structure. STAN GROUP is confident that its new corporate identity will complement its overall development. A programme of optimisation is also planned for 2016, involving a diversification strategy and sustainable development in its key business areas.

STAN GROUP has established an outstanding reputation through its integrity and spirit of innovation. It has geared its development towards providing professional business solutions and unique, high-quality products and services. Its forward-thinking business direction is also aimed at bringing positive changes to communities within Hong Kong, and achieving long-term benefits for society.

The core businesses of STAN GROUP are rooted in Hong Kong, and encompass four key areas: property investment and management; hotels and F&B catering services; professional services; and finance management. STAN GROUP’s members are targeted at achieving integrative synergy in their business operations within these four areas. The members include:

•   SG property investment and management (SG Property): Mei Foo Plaza, Mei Foo; 23 Broadway Mei Foo, Broadway Education; Ginza Plaza Mong Kok, 525 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei; 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong; 168 Storage
•   SG hotels and F&B catering services (SG Hospitality): East Ocean Gourmet Group; Lafayette Wedding
•   SG professional services (SG Professional Service): Synergy Solutions
•   SG finance management (SG Finance): H.K. Sources Finance

STAN GROUP also officially entered into a close strategic partnership with ETS Group Limited (Stock code: 8031). The two entities will jointly develop new businesses, and inject dynamism into STAN GROUP’s future growth.

In addition to its existing businesses, STAN GROUP is actively exploring new avenues, including Tang’s Living. This new hotel group will be launched in 2016, including brands such as Hotel Ease and others. We will continue to develop our food and beverage brands, The Story and East Lounge, operated by East Ocean Gourmet Group.

In pursuit of the goals of diversification and sustainability for its key business areas, STAN GROUP’s management structure underwent integration and optimisation in 2015. The Group’s professional departments became a significant channel between the core of STAN GROUP and its members with independent business models. This arrangement has been optimised to achieve synergies while maintaining high standards for both planning and management.

STAN GROUP has built up a great deal of insight into the particular needs of local consumers. This has been done through operating under local brands and providing high quality products and services. Through the effective showcasing of its brand values, STAN GROUP is poised to shine as a responsible and trustworthy business partner and corporate citizen in the greater China region.

Stan Tang, the Founder and Chairman of STAN GROUP, commented: “STAN GROUP is committed to assimilating a rich variety of expertise from different disciplines, creating an integrated pool of professionals that fosters innovations through foresight and macro-strategies. This not only results in robust growth and the achieving of corporate goals; we believe that this also allows our partners to grow together, adapting to market changes, evolving and adding value to the Group. These strategies are the key to the competitiveness and market position of STAN GROUP and its members, and their ability to manage high-quality products.”