Stan Group specialises in five main businesses: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and social innovation development - The STILE Innovation.
The two rippling shapes of our logo express our belief that pursuing sustainability connects us to our core values and triggers an outward flow of community empowerment and social development. Specifically, the blue rippled square symbolises our passion for self-cultivation, and the grey square creating a positive force that pushes forward to reach new areas like business development and social re-engineering.
From the inside out:
Developing our people and culture with Confucian leadership.

What do we believe?
The path to success begins with self-cultivation – the process of educating oneself.

How do we behave?
We look after the people around us, which benefits everyone.  

Benefitting local communities through an entrenched CSV corporate culture
Our beliefs and behaviour influence the way Stan Group’s businesses grow. To this end, we strive to instil a culture where our vision of creating shared value (CSV) in local communities is shared across all our companies, regardless of their scope.
Underpinning our CSV culture is the ethos of Confucian leadership, which values the cultivation of character. To succeed, Stan Group leaders are constantly self-improving to enrich their leadership potential. They ensure harmony, respect, cooperation and trust thrive within our communities.
Self-cultivation is fundamental to our success. It gives us competitive advantages, and shapes our unique brand DNA and corporate culture.
Discover the next chapter in 2018
In the future, we will continue furthering our reputation as a forward-looking organisation by being:
  • An active investor that seeks out new opportunities as it nurtures current ventures
  • An active asset manager that guides and governs our businesses
  • An active asset operator that plays an important role in our investments and divisions