Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group, accepted an invitation from TVB to appear on the programme "Pass On The Torch" and share his vision about the Group’s development. He also discussed the Group’s guiding philosophy and his plans for igniting innovation in local communities as he pursues the legacy of his father, Tang Shing-bor.
Fondly known as “Uncle Bor” and “the Shop King”, Tang Shing-bor is one of the best-known names in Hong Kong property investment. His son Stan has taken the family business further, beginning with a venture aimed at creating shared value for the community.
In 1970, Uncle Bor founded the Tang family’s property investment business that is now valued at approximately HK$30 billion. The family business chain now operates in partnership with Stan Group and will likely continue growing in value, thanks to Stan’s strategies for delivering long-term capital appreciation through the creation of shared value achieved by leading with innovative ideas and using business resources to drive social progress while maintaining profitability.
Business, people and society: a symbiosis showcase: No. 4 Hing Yip Street
In 2015, Stan created THE WAVE, an integrated business platform for nascent enterprises. The brand’s core values are: “make it happen”, “celebrate differences”, “be agile” and “inspire”. Stan Group revitalised a run-down industrial building, turning it into a physical hub for THE WAVE. “Just don’t call it a co-working space,” says Stan “it’s a CSV [creating shared value] platform devoted to nurturing the ecosystem of local entrepreneurial development, while spreading the entrepreneurial spirit to the masses.” A bricks-and-mortar prototype for creating engagement among corporations and entrepreneurs, it aims at driving innovation in Hong Kong’s start-up community.
Over time, Stan envisions his businesses becoming a diversified community that uses CSV as a revitalizing agent . He believes this process encompasses self-challenge, vision alignment, business development and social re-engineering. Furthermore, Stan is passionate about taking risks and trying new things – the hallmarks of the entrepreneurial spirit. He describes this approach as Stan Group’s driving force “This spirit helps create synergy, and influences the way we innovate, optimise and transform our businesses.” Finally, Stan believes shared value means growing the company within the context of social inclusion “The value creation process touches our people, culture and strategies. We’ll make these shared principles part of our future endeavours.” he says.