The world is changing, so is our society. To innovate is the only way to seize the moment, lead an enterprise, the market and society to scale new heights, and create a better tomorrow. This is why innovation has become the linchpin for the world’s advancement and also the core value of Stan Group.
The Group has the innovative outlook to inspire creative ideas both internally and externally, striving to break through the status quo and create new business opportunities. We pursue sustainable development with an innovative business model to address social needs. Our efforts will enable us to drive the Group forward alongside society, creating shared value for all.
The Wave as an entrepreneurial platform
While young people are bottomless well of creative ideas, they often stumble when starting their own business. Stan Group saw the problems faced by start-ups as a multi-win business opportunity and established The Wave in 2016. It is not only a shared space of office and events, but also a comprehensive ecological environment conducive to start-ups. We understand a good start for them is not just funding but also a business network for inspiration and expansion.  That is why we have deployed an innovative business model for the Wave as an integrated platform. Through the multi-functional space and various kinds of activities of The Wave, we hope to broaden the horizons of entrepreneurs, connect investors with potential start-ups, and foster the prosperity and development of start-ups in Hong Kong.
The Wave not only helps young people translate ideas into reality, but also expand the business ecological circle of Stan Group. The platform facilitates more cooperation opportunities between the Group and different start-ups, marking an important milestone for our innovative development.
Innovation Hub as an innovative driver within the Group
The success of the Wave inspired us to establish Innovation Hub in the corporate headquarter in 2017, providing new momentum for innovative culture and design thinking within the Group. Innovation Hub organises regular staff events to stimulate their creativity, including the all-staff Town Hall Session and quarterly THINKHub which connects the management teams. Everyone takes these opportunities to exchange innovative and farsighted ideas which highly contributing to the Group’s future development.
INFINITUDE as a cradle of infinite possibilities
On the back of Innovation Hub, Stan Group founded INFINITUDE in 2019, a combination of entrepreneurial attitude and a corporate innovation platform, to drive change in society and stimulate creativity both in and out, shaping a better future for all.
INFINITUDE is the attitude to drive change and ambition of exploring infinite possibilities. Shaping the future with our own hands, we encourage dreams, even if it is seemingly impossible; we embrace challenges, even if it is difficult; we disrupt and defy the status quo, even if it is intimidating. INFINITUDE is also a platform of turning dreams into reality. We understand that it takes resources to accomplish any goal, let alone the ones that could address social needs and, progressively, change the world. At Stan Group, we constantly discover great ideas and match them with resources within the Group and its vast business ecosystem, enabling growth and advancement.
To drive the progress of corporate innovation, INFINITUDE powered the Innovation Boot Camp, IDEA Fair and design thinking workshops, to equip staff members at Stan Group with the technique to generate ideas and provide a platform for idea contribution.  A system is also in place to support employees to implement their ideas. On the one hand, it strengthens the innovative power of intra-entrepreneurs, and on the other hand, promotes the diversified development of the Group.
The STILE Initiative as a surveyor for the future
Since the establishment of The Wave, Stan Group has been in close partnership with start-ups. Its insight into their relentless pursuit of innovation and flexible operating strategies has inspired the Group to launch The STILE Initiative. The programme, powered by INFINITUDE and co-organised by The Wave, aspires to foster creativity and corporation.
With the goal of ‘Seeding your venture, growing your future’, The STILE Initiative has attracted hundreds of start-ups from 30 territories worldwide. Their specialisations include property tech, living tech and fintech. Successful start-ups will even gain business matching opportunities with the business units and affiliates of Stan Group. Their leading-edge technologies and ideas will be able to drive innovative business development for the Group, achieving a multi-win situation and jointly developing the business ecosystem.
Stan Group aspires to the relentless pursuit of corporate development. If we were to live in a world created by others, why not create one ourselves? Entrepreneurship and creative thinking are the keys to shape the commercial world in the future. That is why we have made ‘Transformation for Tomorrow’ our development blueprint, igniting creativity both in and out of the Group. We hope to expand our ripple effect outward to make a positive impact to society by cultivating entrepreneurs in various sectors, provide innovative solutions to address issues, and create a better future for the Group, for the market and for all.