Stan Group Member Receives Top Honour and Chairman Speaks at Shared Value Forum 2017 and Social Enterprise Summit 2017

Speech Centres on the Importance of Value Creation

October 3, 2017

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(3rd October, 2017, Hong Kong) Stan Group (Holdings) Limited (“Stan Group”) is proud to announce one of its members, THE WAVE, became a B Corporation in 2017. This prestigious designation was presented in recognition of the company’s dedication to solving society’s problems by valuing environmental and social impact as much as profit. THE WAVE is the third company in Hong Kong, and the first member of Stan Group, given this honour and it signifies the Group’s commitment to local communities, the environment, accountability and transparency.
Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group and chief executive officer of THE WAVE, spoke about this achievement during the Shared Value Forum 2017 and the Four Places of Cross-Straits Social Enterprise Summit 2017. During both events, he delivered a speech, “From Value Creation to Social Inclusion.” Addressing audiences in Hong Kong and Macau, he spoke of his dedication to revitalising the traditional family business through innovative leadership that successfully creates shared value for consumers, stakeholders and investors. He also discussed sustainability in the property industry and traditional businesses, as well as the trends likely to influence tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.
“Becoming a certified B Corporation aligns with our existing operational and performance goals,” said Mr. Tang. “It also positions THE WAVE as an industry leader and shows our commitment to the community and society at large. Furthermore, it solidifies our dedication to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, supporting the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and lending a hand to burgeoning enterprises.”
The creation of shared workspaces like THE WAVE is attracting increased attention due to growing interest in the development of a thriving sharing economy that fosters collaboration between corporations and start-ups. It is also hoped shared workspaces will encourage future leaders to develop solutions for pressing challenges, including affordable housing, youth empowerment and inspiring seniors to stay active members of society.
In the spirit of innovation, Stan Group aspires to change the way business is done for the better. The Group’s four core business areas – SG Property, SG Hospitality, SG Communication Services and SG Financial Services – cover a broad spectrum of industries serving Hong Kong’s increasingly prosperous consumers. By 2020, Stan Group plans to expand its offerings and oversee more than ten innovative projects in Hong Kong. 

Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group and chief executive officer of THE WAVE, 
at the Shared Value Forum 2017 in Hong Kong

Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group and chief executive officer of THE WAVE,
at the Four Places of Cross-Straits Social Enterprise Summit 2017 in Macau