About Us
Stan Group is a leading conglomerate rooted in property with a wide array of diverse businesses. Committed to sustainable business development and social investment, the Group manages a HK$75 billion real estate portfolio in strategic partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family and operates more than 40 respected brands across six business pillars: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and two pillars driven by The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes, namely senior care services and entrepreneurial platform.
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Strategic Business Development
Stan Group’s unique business strategy showcases the difference we created via a well-managed integration of real estate asset, corporate finance, technology and operation, for our businesses, partners, customers and stakeholders. Our strategy is made up of five components: first-rate asset management, exceptional financial management, outstanding operation management, corporate innovation and technology, and creating shared value.
Confucianism in business
Stan Group’s corporate philosophy is deeply inspired by the ideology of “Confucianism in business”. First, we believe in the Confucian principle of putting people first. With creating shared value as our ultimate goal, the benefits to the people, and our community, also comes first whenever we engage in profit-making activities. Secondly, we abide by the essential Confucian spirit of harmony. To achieve this, we believe that good internal communication, and frequent interactions and collaborations with stakeholders are critical. Culture is the third major Confucian component of our corporate philosophy. By shaping a corporate culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, we have brought our corporate management to the next level.
The mastery and integration of traditional Chinese wisdom and contemporary corporate governance have best defined the unique brand DNA of Stan Group.