Today’s headlines speak of the challenges we face, from education, housing and healthcare to ageing and the environment. Building a better world requires finding meaningful solutions by working together. This is why we believe in responsible investing. Our approach begins with understanding the needs of the communities we serve and assessing our mission and vision. When this is accomplished, we can align our business interests with those of different communities and work with partners to make a difference, which is the essence of shared value.

Everywhere we operate, we do so at the pleasure of the communities we serve, which is why we always strive to have a positive impact. Even though we must always create value for shareholders, we do not see success solely in terms of dollars and cents. Instead, we consider all the ways our system impacts and interacts with other people. For years, our take on sustainability has prioritised wellbeing, youth development and intergenerational engagement, leading us to make investments that create shared value around the globe and within our own ecosystem.

An entrepreneur must approach strategic ideas and business model with flexibility. However, it’s also necessary to trust that the distinct nature of a business will help it chart a successful path to innovation. We believe this is tied to the entrepreneurial spirit, which sees human beings as born entrepreneurs able to shape the future. At Stan Group, this spirit creates synergy and encourages innovation. Additionally, it has helped us develop a value creation process that inspires our people, culture and strategies. Team, let’s begin moving forward together, now.

Stan Tang