After seven years of impressive growth since its establishment in 2013, Stan Group is now a leading conglomerate that has expanded from a property investment business into a diversified corporate. Under its six business pillars, senior care services is our latest addition driven by The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes. Our steps never falter as we continue to explore the possibilities of our business model. In times of change, we must keep discovering new ideas, employing novel technology, and developing innovative business solutions through multi-party cooperation.

The Group has formulated the RFTO strategy as our future compass, helping us navigate under the blueprint of “Transformation for Tomorrow”. As we are expanding to the technology sector, the integration of Real Estate, Finance, Technology and Operation will allow us to drive the transformation of our core businesses. We will take the lead and ride the wave, propelling the Group towards more diversified and innovative developments. Undoubtedly, we will continue to cleave to our mission of creating shared value and have the needs of society in mind as our business grows. We truly believe that such a business model will be able to sustain the long-term development of the Group and the best interest of society, and not least, it will be the most effective strategy to overcome adversity.

Stan Group embraces and rises above challenges. I hope that the Group will work as one as we steer towards “Transformation for Tomorrow”.

Stan Tang