Stan Group (Holdings) Limited (“Stan Group” or “the Group”) is a leading conglomerate that has expanded from a property investment business into a diversified corporate, with over 2,000 staff members . In addition to managing a HK$73 billion property portfolio in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family, we operate more than 40 respected brands across six business pillars: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and two pillars driven by The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes, namely senior care services and entrepreneurial platform.

The Group’s unique business strategy showcases the synergy we created via a well-managed integration of real estate asset, corporate finance and operation, enriched with the infusion of technology. Our strategy is made up of five components, including first-rate asset management, exceptional financial management, outstanding operation management, corporate innovation and technology, and creating shared value. We uncover investment opportunities through actively unearthing unmet social and market needs, and getting tuned in the latest public policies. We engage in innovative corporate development through actively identifying and investing in innovative concepts with high business potential, and fervently matching resources from the Group’s powerful business ecosystem stretching from Hong Kong to the Greater Bay Area.

Creating shared value (CSV) is part of the Group’s unique DNA. It is the ideology that we relentlessly advocate and the strategy that we stand by to establish a sustainable business. We are mindful of our impact to society as we generate profit, and we strive to bring a positive one by addressing social needs with a profitable business model, creating shared value for our stakeholders and for all.

Our core values, dedicated to innovation, collaboration, human focus and entrepreneurship, are the key drivers that steer the Group forward. We put people at the centre of everything we do and are committed to cultivating transformational entrepreneurs among our staff, who innovate to bring changes and take on challenges without hesitation, leading the way to a flourishing tomorrow.