Stan Group (“the Group”) is a family-owned conglomerate with more than 30 respected brands across various industries. The Group’s investment strategy focuses on five areas of business: property investment and management (SG Properties), hospitality and catering services (SG Hospitality), telecom and advertising (SG Communication Services), financial services (SG Financial Services) and social innovation development (The STILE). With over HK$30 billion in AUM in partnership with Tang’s family business. The group believes in furthering our reputation as a forward-looking organisation by being:

• An active investor that seeks out new opportunities and is involved with current ventures
• An asset manager that guides and governs our businesses 
• An asset operator that plays an important role in our investments and divisions

Sustainability is critical to the Group’s development, and by creating shared principles, we can ensure we are successful and responsible while building long-term value. With a firm focus on innovation, we can harness originality and embrace new perspectives to realise the potential of locations and build inspiring destinations that benefit our customers, investors and society at large.

Stan Group’s overall brand – shared by each business unit – is infused with entrepreneurial spirit. This centres on the belief that human beings are born entrepreneurs, able to take control and shape the future by creating game-changing innovations. A driving force at Stan Group, this spirit helps create synergy and encourage innovation. It also influences the way we innovate, optimise and transform our businesses while our inherent entrepreneurialism compels the way they grow within the context of social inclusion. This instils a value creation process that touches our people, culture and strategies, and we will make these shared principles part of our future endeavours.

If you need more information about us, please contact:
Corporate Communication Department
Address: 8/F, 1163 Canton Road, Hong Kong