For Stan Group, sustainability gives us the opportunity to innovate, make progress and improve efficiency within the industries in which we operate. A key principle of ours is “today is for tomorrow”, and this informs how our business will develop in the future.

Stan Group has always strived to make a difference to our communities and transform them into vibrant, sustainably developed locations. This is possible because we have harnessed the power of social innovation, which creates shared value for all, and offers solutions that genuinely help improve people’s lives.

Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy and corporate culture. It keeps our people connected with our core values, and helps spread them into the wider community. By operating our CSV strategy across our property, finance, hospitality and communications divisions, we help empower communities and foster social development. We prioritise sustainability in our primary business areas, employment practices and operations by centering on three key aims:

People development to
enhance well-being
Youth development and
support entrepreneurial
development in our
Active aging and encouraging
intergenerational harmony

Our Approach to sustainability:

A Value Creation Journey with Sustainability at Its Core:
From self-cultivation to culture development that fuels business success

The Group Sustainability Development 2020 vision

1 To reinforce our commitment to sustainable development, we developed a new SD 2020 vision to be the leading social innovator in our industry by 2020.
2 To achieve this vision, we have developed the SD 2020 Strategy to identify and manage the full spectrum of our environmental, social and economic impacts and integrate sustainable development into every facet of our business.
3 We strive to create and deliver value to society using the knowledge and expertise that we have and we work together with many stakeholders to make it happen. In return, we create shared value for each other, whether they are our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, governments, regulators and community at large
4 SD2020 Strategy is derived by on our value creation journey. It is underpinned by the concepts of innovation and experimentation as well as communication and engagement.


As at December 31, 2017

Through our business portfolio and collaboration with the community, district and industry partner, Stan Group creates shared value and promotes social cohesion in our city to improve a better living of our society.
CSV Platform
Stakeholders inspired
Lives touched
AUM in partnership with
Tang Shing-bor’s family
Media features per year
in average

Achievements of Stan Group in Sustainability