Stan Group (Holdings) Limited

Stan Group is a leading conglomerate that has expanded from a property investment business into a diversified corporate. In addition to managing a HK$75 billion property portfolio in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family, we operate more than 40 respected brands across six business pillars: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and two pillars driven by The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes, namely senior care services and entrepreneurial platform. Creating shared value is part of the Group’s unique DNA. It is the ideology that we relentlessly advocate and the strategy that we stand by to establish a sustainable business. We are mindful of our impact to society as we generate profit, and we strive to bring a positive one by addressing social needs with a profitable business model, creating shared value for our stakeholders and for all.


The RFTO Business Strategy integrates Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Technology and Operation, creating a synergy that fuels the vibrancy and perpetual progression of the Group together with the business ecosystem we have constructed along the way.