Our Business

Stan Group is a leading conglomerate that has expanded from a property investment business into a diversified corporate. In addition to managing a HK$750 billion property portfolio in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family, we operate more than 40 respected brands across five business pillars: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes.


Stan Group’s property portfolio, managed in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family, has reached HK$75 billion in value, including HK$70 billion of self-owned asset and HK$5 billion of asset managed for external partners. This unique portfolio is composed of a wide range of property types which include retail spaces, hotels & clubhouse, industrial buildings, offices, residential properties, and co-working spaces. In addition to leasing our properties to generate rental income, the Group also focuses on property redevelopment, enhancement through addition & alteration as well as revitalisation in order to unleash the full value of our portfolio.


Comprised of Tang's Living Group, East Ocean Gourmet Group and Club East, Stan Group's hospitality pillar offers a wide range of solutions and services including hotels, catering, clubhouse, banquet planning, as well as co-living space. Our hospitality business has been developing rapidly, with six distinctive hotel brands, over 3,300 hotel rooms and nearly 20 F&B outlets currently in operation.

Merely 4 years since the establishment, Tang's Living Group has already become one of the top three hotel groups in Hong Kong, in terms of number of rooms in operation.


The Group partners with ETS Group Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 8031), one of the largest contact centre service providers in Hong Kong, in developing comprehensive communication support services for Hong Kong corporations in diverse industries including, but not limited to, the telecommunications, banking and financial services, insurance and the public sector.


H.K. Sources Finance, member of Stan Group, offers financial solutions that help clients secure funding via mortgages and SME loans while Stan Group Ventures, the Group’s venture capital arm, invests in promising start-ups and private equity transactions. Stan Group also partners with Gear Financial Group to provide services including securities investment, asset management and multi-family office.


Initiated by Stan Group, The STILE is designed to drive innovative business blueprints across Social, Technology, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship to generate profit while simultaneously responding to social needs. It helps uncover new markets and create new opportunities. By promoting the concept of “innovative businesses with social purpose”, The STILE starts from discerning the needs of society, resulting in the development of original and sustainable business models that bring mutual-benefits to both corporate and community. These include The Wave, the co-working and event space certified as B Corporation; and Patina Wellness, Hong Kong’s first integrated senior elderly wellness hub residence run by the private sector.