Our Business

Rooted in Hong Kong, Stan Group is one of the city’s leading business groups. It is comprised of four operating divisions: property, hospitality, communication services and financial services.

Our business development approach:

  • Reinforce our commitment to making a positive impact on customers' lives
  • Provide high-quality products, services and solutions to meet changing market needs and helping customers plan for life's milestones
  • Place great emphasis on personal well-being and family development

Key figures

  • EMPLOYEES 1500+
  • BRANDS 30

SG Properties

Stan Group has a substantial property portfolio in Hong Kong that includes shopping malls, an education centre, a business centre, offices and co-working spaces.

SG Hospitality

SG Hospitality is comprised of three main brands: Tang’s Living Group, East Ocean Gourmet Group and Lafayette Wedding. Together, they operate a portfolio of hotels and properties focused on catering services, weddings and other special events.

SG Communication Services

SG Communication Services provides comprehensive marketing consultancy services to Hong Kong-based corporations across various industries, including food and beverage services, property and finance. Stan Group also partners with contact centre services company ETS Group Limited in new communications businesses development.

SG Financial Services

SG Finance partners with H.K. Sources Finance to provide various financial solutions to help clients secure funding, with a focus on mortgages, personal loans and SME loans. With the establishment of Gear Investment in 2017, our financial service offerings now include private equity, venture capital and securities trading, with pre-IPO venture capital, securities investment and asset management being our main areas of focus.


The STILE is devoted to developing social innovations for new markets and new customers. Its objective is to increase business returns through identifying, developing and investing in projects in the realms of Social, Technology, Innovation, Leadership or Entrepreneurship that brings efficiencies, differentiations and sustainability to societies.